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The assignment of 502 course will focus on equipping the prospective teachers with conceptual clarity of pedagogic processes so you can select and use most appropriate methods and strategies for effective teaching in different contexts. You shall assess the children’s progress in diverse situations basing on which they shall undertake appropriate modifications in the teaching learning process. Pedagogic study will enable teachers to understand school subjects with specific context of children and process of learning.

NIOS DELED Assignment 502 in English

Pedagogic Processes in Elementary Schools

Assignment – I

Answer any two of the following questions in about 500 words.

Q1. Explain with suitable examples of four processes of observational learning. How
does imitation help in observational learning.


Compare the subject-centred approach and competency-based approach. Write any two advantages and limitations of these approaches.


Q 2. Write the characteristics of Project method. What are its advantages and limitations?


What are the main qualities of an activity? Why memorisation is not considered as an activity?



Answer the following questions in about 500 words.

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Q1. How do you plan to organise your classroom space to make it learner friendly?


Describe the different approaches of categorising TLM with examples.


Q.2 What are the advantages and limitations of computer assisted learning in the classroom?



Answer the following question in about 1000 words.

Q.1   Suppose you are teaching in a tribal dominated school. You do not know the mother tongue of those children. How can you organise activities that children will learn?


Consider that there are few CWSN children in your classroom, as a teacher how can you take care of such children in the classroom for facilitating their learning?


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