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Download NIOS DELED 503 assignment in any language from the below links.The NIOS D. El. Ed. assignments of 503 course focuses on the teaching of languages to the learners at the elementary level.

The aim is also to expose the student-teacher to contemporary practices in language teaching. This course is based on a constructivist approach to language learning. The teacher will be enabling to create an environment which encourages learners to experiment with language learning.


NIOS DELED Assignment 503 in English

Learning Languages at Elementary Level


Q1. Explain the meaning of ‘fine motor skills’. How these skills can be developed in children?


Which out of accuracy and fluency in language, you, as a language teacher, would give priority while facilitating learning of language and why?


Q2. Critically analyse the strengths and limitations of any two methods through which ‘reading’ can be developed as skill among children.


Enumerate the principles to be followed to choose material for language laboratories.



Q1. Enumerate the various methods which can be used to facilitate the learning of language.

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“Creation of suitable environment is an important pre-requisite for language learning”. Discuss.


Q2. Critically analyse any two methods which can be used to develop ‘writing skills’ for their strengths and limitations.


“Real assessment of children’s performance should be continuous and comprehensive in its nature”. Justify.



Q1. With suitable example discuss the role of drama, theatre and play in developing students’ core skills in language.


Develop a comprehensive plan of activities for language learning using ‘word cards’ and ‘picture cards’.

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