Download NIOS D. El. Ed. Assignment 501, 502 & 503 Questions (Any Language)

NIOS has published the question papers for the assignments for the first semester. You can download NIOS D.El.Ed Assignments for 501, 502 and 503 courses from here.

As you are searching NIOS DelEd Assignment in your local language, I am providing all the assignments here in Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil or Marathi.

NIOS has uploaded 1st semester home assignments on their website. We have collected the assignments from the website of NIOS. You can download the assignments from this page.


NIOS D.El.Ed Home Assignment for 1st Semester:

You can Download the NIOS D.El.Ed Assignment questions from here. We have also published solved assignments with suitable answers too. And the solve assignments of first assignments are ready to download from our website.

You should download the pdf copies of the questions. All the in-service un-trained teachers have to submit the solved assignments within the last date.

First semester assignments are containing three courses. Ecah course has some blocks and each block has some units.

Therefore you have to to download read the questions carefully before answering them.

The three courses are as follows:
501 一 Elementary Education in India 一 A Socio-Cultural Perspective
502 一 Pedagogic Procedures in Elementary Schools
503 一 Learning Languages in Elementary Level

Each of these papers includes 30 marks.

However, you can download the pdf copies of NIOS D.El.Ed Assignments in your native language. After filling the assignments submit them to the NIOS Deled Study centers.


Download NIOS D.El.Ed Assignments for 1st Semester (any language):

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Now it is easy to download the assignment questions in your language. All of the 501, 502 and then 503 are available here on the below links. Just click on the links and get your NIOS D.El.Ed Assignment copy.

501 Assignment Papers of NIOS DELED

  1. Elementary Education in India: A Retrospective
  2. Elementary Education in India in the Cotemporary Context-I
  3. Elementary Education in India in the Cotemporary Context-II

Download NIOS DELED Assignment 501


502 Assignment Papers of NIOS DELED

  1. Learning and Teaching Process
  2. Management of Learning- Teaching Process
  3. Emerging Issues in Classroom Learning
  4. Learning Assessment

Download NIOS DElED Assignment 502


503 Assignment Papers of NIOS DELED

  1. Understanding Language
  2. Skills Associated with Language Learning
  3. Language Learning in the classroom

Download NIOS DElED Assignment 503


The candidates who have already collected the study materials from and SWAYAM app can write the answers now. You have to submit the solved assignments to the study centers only. has uploaded the question sets on their website. The official link is